Pastor’s November Message: “The Communion of Saints”

When each of us confesses in the Apostles’ Creed, “I believe in the Communion of Saints”, what is the importance of such a confession, and how is it shown to us in Scripture? Can the Communion of Saints be seen and experienced by you?

November 1 marks All Saints Day. Many liturgical congregations will be marking the celebration of this day on Sunday, November 6. We gather this day in our Sunday Divine Service by remembering those of this Communion of Saints who died between last All Saints Day and this one. Over the past year Pastor Sajban has been involved in conducting funerals for both those who were Communicant members of this congregation as well as a number of people who were not, bringing the Gospel of salvation to bear for the survivors, those still living in what is often referred to as a “vale of tears.”

Did you know that his term “vale of tears” has a Biblical connection? In Psalm 84 verses 5-7 we hear of the Valley of Baca. The word Baca can be translated into the English as “Tears”. For those who have had to deal with loss of loved ones to death there comes along with this  “ vale of tears” in loss, but then also a “vale of tears” because the one we lose in faith has received their promised reward of heaven by the Lord, while we remain in this sinful world with all the struggles of faith that remain for us.  We remain here in a world of sin, sickness, pain, and death. But we do not remain alone. We know by a living faith that our LORD dwells with us each and every day and in every circumstance of fears, death, and tears we have to face. Our faith draws us close to God through His Son, our Savior Jesus, but it also draws us into a body of believers, the Communion of Saints, to find encouragement and strength to live in a midst of trial and trouble, loss and our own eventual death. This is why I love Psalm 84. This psalm reminds us that we are not islands unto ourselves. We have been created and re-created in Christ to live in God’s presence in His house.

So where is the “dwelling place” the house of the LORD? Certainly it is found in the gathering of God’s people together in church. When we gather together in the sanctuary of the congregation we find our strength not only in the gift of God’s grace offered in Word and Sacrament but also in the Communion of Saints who gather forgiven, refreshed and strengthened by the Word in fellowship, and renewed for the journey of faith that lies before each of us. The psalmist (of the Sons of Korah) put it this way: “Blessed are those who dwell in Your house, ever singing Your praise. (verse 4). The psalmist also teaches us the way to Zion, the place where God dwells. Zion is a place of strong defense, the place of God’s people (the Church) here and in eternity. The newest version of Luther’s Small Catechism states it this way: “God did not create us to live in isolation from one another…As Christians we confess that the Holy Spirit has brought us into a community we call the Church – gathered ‘in one faith, one mind, and understanding, with many different gifts’” (LC II 51)

The Small Catechism goes on to teach this about the Communion of Saints, what we know as the Church: “It is the Body of Christ – that is, all people whom the Spirit, by the Means of Grace, has gathered to Christ in faith throughout the world. The Church is found in the local congregation where the Word is preached in its truth and purity and the Sacraments are distributed according to the Word. And the Church is so much different then any other communions or communities because Christ is the Head of this Church, in this Communion only does God ‘daily and richly forgives me my sins and the sins of all believers.” This is why we are saints. We are not made saints by our goodness of life, but only by the rich and daily forgiveness of our sins. The Church only is founded on the Word of God, both Old Testament teachers and prophets, and New Testament Apostles who brought, and continue to bring through the Holy Spirit inspired Word the Gospel of Jesus’ death and resurrection for the life of the sinner. “Therefore, the Church is  one – the only community in which there is salvation, for it is the gathering of all who believe in Jesus Christ, who comes to them in His Word and Sacraments.”

Just an important reminder, you can’t have community nor Communion by yourself. God draws us into a Community of Saints – forgiven believers to be fed, strengthened, and kept in the one true faith until we reach eternal Zion.



Meals on Wheels…

December is just around the  corner and it will be our turn to deliver  “Meals on Wheels”  to the home bound. Please give  of  your time and sign up for the week  you  wish to deliver.  Signup sheet in narthex or call the church office 831-3522. It only takes an hour or less to deliver to the home bound.


Faith in Action…

We along with the Windom Women of Today will have a Christmas Cheer Box.

Please help brighten a child’s Christmas and help us collect items to put under their trees for Christmas morning. We are     looking for items for children infant to 18 years old.

NEW Items need: Hats, mittens, gloves, board games, coloring books, color    crayons, story books, blankets, stuffed animals, toys,  and teen gifts. You can   also give monetary gifts; please make checks out to the Christmas Cheer Box.

All items will be picked up by December 5th.  There is a box in the lower narthex to put your items in.



***Cards Available to Purchase…

We have a supply of beautiful cards to purchase: Sympathy, Anniversary, Birthday and Thinking of You. The card case is      located in the lower narthex.  Box of 12 cards for just $6.50



We are taking orders for the poinsettia flowers for Christmas to be used to decorate the chancel  area. You can order now thru December 5. The flowers are $16.50 per  plant. You can   donate monies towards larger plants for the front of the church. Fill out the form in the narthex and return it to the church  office or put in the  offering basket.



It is that time of year to start thinking about the Christmas Season.  So anyone who enjoys decorating the trees in the sanctuary and enjoy some fun and fellowship come join us.

Friday, December 2 at 5:00 pm. We will go out for pizza afterwards.



892 Come, Ye Thankful People, Come

The month of November in the church year brings together All Saints Day, Thanksgiving, and the     beginning of Advent.  We remember the saints who have gone before us, thank God for all His blessings and consider our own faith and time of departure from this earth.

“Come, Ye Thankful People, Come” combines thankfulness for God’s earthly provisions and the     harvest of souls.  In verse 1 we sing of the harvest being ‘safely gathered in’ and all our ‘wants supplied’.  In our rural area we have seen the harvest in abundance this fall.  So we are exhorted to ‘ Come to God’s own temple, come, Raise the song of harvest home’.  Verse 2 speaks of the world as God’s own field – the seed of His Word is sown. Those who believe bear fruit and grow in grace – others do not.

Verses 3 and 4 have an eschatological character. That is, they speak of the last days and God’s final judgment.  All the words use the imagery of farming terms to compare believers and unbelievers as the final harvest of the faithful being gathered into God’s garner.

The author of this hymn, Henry Alford was a pastor of the Church of England.  He graduated with   honors from Trinity College, Cambridge and was ordained a priest in 1833.  However, he was considered a ‘hymnological expert’ and edited many hymn collections.  He was very concerned with providing hymns of strong doctrinal character.  He is not remembered for the hymns he wrote, but for his other theological work.  He spent 20 years preparing a comprehensive commentary on the Greek New Testament, the first in the  English language. His other hymn in LSB is “We Walk By Faith, and Not By Sight” (720) which has become a favorite for many in our congregation.

The melody for this hymn was composed by George Elvey (1816-1893). He spent his musical     career in the Church of England.  Ultimately he was appointed to a position at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor by King William IV. He served there from 1835-1882, teaching music to the royal family and composing many musical works.  His other tunes in our hymnal are Diademata (525 and 829) and St. Crispin (563 and 571).

As you prepare for worship each Sunday, read the hymns as well as the scriptures. This will bring  richness and meaning to all you experience in the Divine Service.  Let your worship begin with the  pre-service organ music.  It helps to bring you from the ‘world’ into the things of God.



“JIM’S PUNS.”   

My mom bought me a cheap dictionary for my birthday.

I couldn’t find the words to thank her.

Q: What does a baby computer call its father?

A: Data

Q: What kind of photos do teeth take?

A: Tooth-pics!

It was easy for me to master braille once I got a feel for it.

From a famous line in Humpty Dumpty – HAVE A GREAT FALL!


Cottonwood County Sharing Center Food Shelf at this time, has several specific needs:

1) A need for volunteers! Volunteering as little as once a month would be appreciated! Volunteers wear masks, social distance, and hand sanitizers are available.

2) Personal care items, etc. At this time, no regular housewares are able to be accepted. The personal care items include: toothpaste, body wash (smaller sizes), razors or disposable razors for men or women, deodorant, small laundry items (detergent), dryer sheets, kleenex, Seasonal clothing, blankets, towels, and sheets / pillowcases.

3) As most food is mostly donated by Second Harvest to the food shelf, the only food needed right now is refried beans and pinto beans (canned).

4) And monetary donations are always welcome!

Thanks so much everyone for your contributions! If you have questions about a donation not listed, you may call   #507-822-7210.

The cart in the lower narthex entrance will now also be used for donations to the Sharing Center. Items may be placed in the cart or dropped off at the Sharing Center during normal business hours ONLY, Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm., 1156 4th Avenue, Windom.

Monetary donation checks make payable to Faith in Action and given to Ruby Wilson, our Committee Treasurer. Also, if you need help around your home, call Larry or Jim.

Thank you for your continued support!

Faith in Action Committee


Hy-Vee Label…

We will be collecting the Hy-Vee receipts from now on instead of the labels. We would like to have the member highlight the Hy-Vee products on the receipt and tally up the number of items on the receipt and write that number on the   bottom of the receipt. The label container that was located by the Sonshine room will be relocated to the lower narthex.


Helpful Hints:

¨ Line your baking pan with parchment paper or aluminum foil for easy cutting.

        When you are supplying bars for an event, line your pan with parchment paper or aluminum foil first before adding the ingredients. This way when you or the kitchen help cut your bars you/they can take the bars out of the pan and cut them on a cutting board.

¨ This will also save cut marks in your baking pan.

¨ Be sure the parchment paper or foil goes over the side of the pan so you/they have some paper to grab on too.

 If you have a helpful hint, email it to Diane at and we will add it to the next newsletter



* Wipe off counters

* Wipe off tables

* Push chair up to table

* Take extra food home

* If you put something in the refrigerator or freezer put your name on it and date it

* Take dirty towels home and bring them back clean

* Remember this is God’s House


SAVE the Box Tops for Education…

The Immanuel Lutheran School  uses them. Please give them to either  Kayla Peters or Cheryl Peters.